Soap Hill Boards

It all started somewhere in October 2015 when I made two simple balance boards. One for myself to have a bit of surfing taste indours, another for my friends in Czech Republic as a gift for their wedding. I was with them on that Day and won the competition "the fastest beer opener with random objects". That gained lot of respect from Czech people.

Few days after another friend of mine asked to make balance board for him.

"You know what dude, you should think about crafting those boards on a bigger scale! It's a fun tool to have and plus you will be like a baker who makes other people happy by doing his thing!"

After few months of experiments I found the right manufacture formula. From the beginning I've decided to put as much soul as I can in this work. And so it happened. Named after neighborhood in Riga, Latvia: "Soap Hill Boards" - probably the only balance boards crafted in house slippers!

Ok, now a bit of theory. Only a bit! As the moment the one stands on the balance board his/her body tells what to do. Anyways, you need to know that this funky trainer helps to develop your vestibular system, strengthen your ligaments and shape both your core (!) muscles and lower body (thighs, hamstrings, hips).

It is a fun way to improve your balance and body control for any board experiences such as surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding and others. Perfect for beginners and younger users.

Balance board will enhance and can be combined with many other exercises, weight training, calisthenics and yoga to name a few. It will also give you a winning edge in sports where sense of balance is important - football, hockey, tennis, martial arts and of course DANCE.